Sarkozy’s plans for citizenship

Sarkozy’s plans for citizenship

Expatriates in France would have to wait 10 years before they can apply for French citizenship if Nicolas Sarkozy is elected President in 2017.

The leader of Les Républicains also said that the ‘droit du sol’ – the right to citizenship for anyone born on French soil – should no longer be considered automatic.

Mr Sarkozy outlined his immigration policy in a book that doubles as his Presidential manifesto – Tout pour la France – which was published on Wednesday, August 24. In it, he also proposes ‘suspending’ the right of family members to join migrating relatives in France – arguing that the primary problem with France’s immigration policy is the number of people allowed to enter the country.

He said France’s ‘main battle’ was over how ‘to defend our lifestyle without being tempted to cut ourselves off from the rest of the world’.

To boost the country’s economy, he pledged to reduce payroll charges, reduce benefits for those who have been unemployed for more than a year and cut income tax by 10%.

He proposes a new European Treaty, which would prevent further enlargement of the Union, and ensure a stable presidency.

In an extract of the book posted on social media, he said: “I have decided to be a candidate for the 2017 presidential election. I felt I had the strength to lead this battle at a troubled time in our history.”

His aides said that Mr Sarkozy intends to step down as leader of Les Republicains to focus on his campaign, with party primaries scheduled for November 20 and 27.

But he faces a tough battle for the candidacy. More than a dozen contenders are vying for the Les Républicains nomination, including Alain Juppé who is the current favourite.

Mr Sarkozy was President from 2007 to 2012.

Personally, I think this is due to the influx of muslims into France, who want to change France into their ways. Thank God France is having none of this!!!

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