Please enjoy viewing, and hopefully preparing these recipes. I’m finding them world-wide and want to share them with you.

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Two Tomato Tart

  This is no ordinary tomato tart. If you want an early reminder of what summer tastes like, we recommend …

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Ordering steak in France

Steak Frites. By LWY Via Wikimedia Commons

How to order your steak preference in France • Bleu – Done on a very hot grill for one minute …

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French flavour of the season – courgettes

Courgesttes CC By Joeless Via Flickr

Chef Chris Lacey shares tips and ideas to enjoy this potager staple. “In mid to late summer those of us …

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Succulent scallops cooked in the Loire

Scallop Finished 400 320x200

The recipe for this delicious dish is brought to you by two highly respected British chefs who are based in …

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Rillettes de Saumon

Rillettes De Saumon

Rillettes of smoked and fresh salmon with blini, capers and lemon Serves 4 Ingredients 240g salmon 60g smoked salmon 2g …

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The dishes that make a real French Christmas feast

LanguedocLiving, Dec 17 Want to do Christmas like the French? Here’s some inspiration. The culinary highlight of the French year …

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Strawberry mocktails and cocktails

Strawberry Mocktail

These mocktails and cocktails are lovely for a summer’s afternoon / evening, just as you’re craving the shade, and thinking …

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Legumes Farcis

Open Air Market Veggies And Fruit

Monique Guezel has picked up the Catalan theme in selecting this June recipe, by focusing on fresh, local colourful produce. Zucchini, …

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Olive Kek

Olives Pitted

Thank you Bassie Scott for this truly scrumptious apero recipe. Ingredients 200 g flour (I use half &half, plain flour and …

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Sardines in Lemon

Fresh Sardines On Dock

Andrea and Monique are back with a delicious recipe for sardines. We tasted this simple dish during a visit to …

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Gratin d’asperges et jambon

  Gratin d’asperges et jambon Monique shared this recipe, as it is a favourite of her son, Phillipe. With the …

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Local French Vegetable Recipes

  TIAN AUX LÉGUMES This is one of those French recipes that is so simple to make but looks great …

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Galette des rois

Galette De Rois 1

Made of buttery puff pastry with an almond paste filling, the “galette de rois” marks the feast of Epiphany, or …

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Gougères 1

These light fluffy Burgundy snacks are so more-ish, that I defy you to only make them once. They are perfect …

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Tarte aux Pommes et a la Creme de Lait

Apple Pie Creamy

Creamy Apple Pie     Pastry 250g plain flour 100g softened butter 100g icing sugar a pinch of salt 1 …

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Pâte de coing (quince paste)

Quince Paste

Ok, after reading this recipe, I HAD to post it. This is outstanding! C’mon people! Let’s eat outside the box …

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Chic Oyster Recipes

Oysters 5

A few more delicious oyster recipes! Bon appetit! Oysters in Pommeo (Pommeo is an aperitif made in Normandy. It is …

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Cooked Oyster Recipes

Oysters 3

“Straight-up & Easy” If you’re one of those people who don’t enjoy shucking oysters, here’s a great way to enjoy …

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Oysters Rockefeller recipe

Oysters Rockefeller

One of my favorites!! Oysters Rockefeller Ingredients 36 oysters 4 spring onions 2 celery sticks, trimmed and finely chopped 8 …

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A Practical Guide to Cooking Lobster

Lobster In Pot

Ok, I am squeamish. I hate the thought of boiling something alive — steaming clams in the oven is impossible …

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