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Living Healthy World-Wide

You don’t need to reside in the USA to have top-of-the-line healthcare.

As a matter of fact, there are many OTHER countries that offer fabulous health care and well-being, for a fraction of what it costs in the USA, and most are not limited to what they can offer.  From major transplant surgery to cosmetic surgery, it’s all out there. Step out of the box, seek and you will find. Services we have found for a fraction of the cost of what the USA providers charge are:

Medical Procedures:
Dental Procedures:
Stem Cell Therapy (not just for anti aging):

Medical Tourism is huge now — do a bit of research, make the plan and go! Get fantastic care and experience a new location. The logistics, aftercare and transportation are all included in your medical vacation. Growing your own veggies, having a full-fledged farm, reducing/removing the GMO foods you consume — all excellent ways to become and stay healthy! Let’s explore some of the ways to do this. We will report and keep you updated in our Health Blog posts as well. Let’s get the discussion going, and help one another reach our health goals. No matter where you relocate, becoming healthy and fit is important to your quality of life. Most of the time, folks are recharged just by leaving the stress and strain of the 9 to 5 grind and sailing away to bluer waters… Wherever you go, if you go, you need to stay healthy to enjoy your life and the new experiences you will encounter. Life can be an adventure or not — it all depends on your attitude and your state of health. There is an entire planet to discover. Many report that just leaving the USA for tropical climates, will invigorate them by being outside more, exercising more, eating less heavy foods. With many countries having year-round growing season, having your own totally organic garden is more than possible — it’s natural and happening already. Decide what you want to grow — herbs, veggies, berries, melons — most grow naturally in some countries, and your organized garden will thrive. Most folks gain a high therapeutic value from working in the dirt, or in the water.  Some prefer to have gardens with fish that are full of protein and easy to grow. Aquaponics is a wonderful way to ensure the full nutritional value of what you eat — grow it yourself, no chemical spraying, no GMO! Just fresh, clean, gorgeous food that you will enjoy. Aquaponics uses fish, fish poop and water-based gravel to grow the plants. A complete, natural, living ecosystem that you control, not a government.  Here’s a quick video discussing how to decide on which fish to use in your aquaponics system:

More to follow!

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